Smart Home Automation


  • Waste Management

  • Water Leakages Detection

  • Parking Management

  • Home Security Management

  • Measure & Control Home Environment with IoT Sensors

  • Manage Home Appliances with IoT based Mobile Apps

  • Run Personalized Schedules

  • Control Home Access

  • Energy Savings & Optimization

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Industry based IOT Solutions & Applications​

IOT is unleashing tremendous opportunities with connected devices. TechnoWings is a top IOT services & solutions providing company that helps your business reach out to the audience effectively with IOT applications for modern hardware connected systems.


Smart Healthcare


  • Remote health monitoring

  • Ambulance telemetry

  • Drug tracking

  • Hospital asset tracking

  • Remote Patient Diagnostics

  • AI-ML Driven Health Diagnosis

  • Hospital Mobility Solutions

  • IOT for Health Insurance Companies

  • Apps for Medical IOT Devices

  • Smart Inventory Management

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IOT Solutions for Retail


  • Smart Retail Supply Chain Management

  • Smart Mirror for Virtual Try-on

  • Smart Shelves

  • Smart POS

  • Smart NFC based Payments

  • BLE based Proximity Marketing

  • Smart Delivery Management

  • Inventory & Warehouse Automation

Industrial IOT


  • Complete Factory Automation

  • Remote Monitoring & Quality Checks

  • Track Manufacturing Equipment with IOT Sensors

  • Smart Asset Tracking Solutions

  • Smart Warehouse Management System

  • Fleet Management Solutions

  • Custom Web and Mobile Apps for Analysis

IOT Solutions for Automotive

     OBD-2 based Vehicle Diagnostic Solution

  • Remote Vehicle Monitoring

  • Driving Behavior Monitoring & Safety

  • Smart Fleet Management System

  • Predictive Vehicle Maintenance

  • Smart Transportation & Logistics

  • School Bus Tracking

Smart Energy Management
  • Smart Meter Systems

  • Remote Energy Equipment Monitoring

  • Predictive Energy Optimization

  • Data Analytics